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Risks in the acquisition of rare or investment grade stamps can be substantially reduced by acquiring only those items that have been expertised and are accompanied by a certificate.

An expertised stamp is one that has undergone scrutiny by an acknowledged expert in the item in question. Provided the expertiser is sufficiently convinced of the stamps authenticity it will be issued with a certificate.

Certificates ensure that a stamp is correctly categorized, that it is genuine and that any faults or repairs are clearly stated. This gives the buyer confidence in the item being purchased and the seller the ability to attract potentially higher bids in an auction environment. In a situation where identical stamps are offered at the same auction, the stamp with an accompanying certificate inevitably commands a higher price.

Not all investment grade stamps demand a certificate but as a buyer, particularly with little knowledge of the item in question, a recognized certificate can give assurance that the item is genuine. A buyer may also find himself in the position where he is willing to proceed with the purchase of a high value item on the basis that the stamp is positively expertised beforehand.

Stamps with overprints or minor variations are often subject to forgery whereby the overprint or variation can dramatically increase the value of the stamp. Certificates should be looked for in these circumstances.

Sellers considering parting with rare stamps that do not hold certificates would be well advised to make the small investment to have them expertised prior to offering them to market to enhance their attractiveness.

Certificates should be issued by one the recognized expertising bodies and by an individual suitably qualified to pass expert judgment on the item in question.

More information on expertising services can be found by contacting either:

AIEP (International Association Of Philatelic Experts)


APEX (American Philatelic Expertising Service)

There are also a number of country specific organisations and independent experts who are able to issue certificates.

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