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Storage & Security


As paper items, stamps have natural enemies that will either destroy or markedly reduce their value. Moisture (including damp, water and humidity), heat and sunlight are to be avoided at all costs and care should be taken to preserve stamps in the best possible condition.

Note that storage is not synonymous with display. You may choose to acquire a luxury leather-bound stamp album and arrange your acquisitions in a pleasing arrangement of acid free mounts (never use stamp hinges with valuable stamps). You may choose to keep your stamps in an inexpensive stock book or simply keep them in the glassine fronted cards that they were supplied with. This is your choice and there are plenty of options to choose from (our personal choice are the Lindner T Series albums, made in Germany – email us if you would like details). What is important is that your stamps are kept in the correct environment.


It goes without saying that a multi thousand pound, dollar or euro selection of stamps needs to be kept in a secure place. Unlike works of art or antique furniture, stamps can be easily hidden from view…they can also be easily transported, so it makes sense to store them in a place that you feel comfortable with. If accessibility is not important or you have little interest in viewing your portfolio then a bank vault or similar safekeeping service may be more appropriate but bear in mind any additional cost that will be incurred. Dealers offering stamp investment schemes may also offer to store your portfolio without further charge.

Lastly, do not forget insurance. Check the valuables limit on your home contents policy to ensure you are adequately covered. Alternatively, dedicated specialist insurance policies are available that will cover your portfolio up to an agreed limit.

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