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Wills & Probate

The Final Sale

An often overlooked aspect of holding a valuable portfolio of stamps is the subject of how your investments are dealt with in case of your death.

Your executors may have little or no knowledge of the value of your portfolio and how much just one stamp can be worth. It may be left as a bequest to a family member who knew of the stamps’ existence but was totally unaware of the potential value. Unwittingly, they may sell the stamps through a wholly inappropriate channel, realising a fraction of the value.

In this respect, if the stamps are to be sold, it makes sense to leave some reference to one or two preferred dealers or auction houses that ought to be approached on the event of your death, secure in the knowledge that your collection will hopefully realise its true worth for the beneficiary.


Probate and Inherited Collections

You may find yourself in the position of having to dispose of a family member's stamp collection after their death and may feel a little uncertain on how to best approach this.

Understandably, you will want to realise the best price possible but with so many potential auctioneers and dealers to choose from it can all appear quite confusing.

A valuable collection with a distinct focus is more likely to do better via a specialist auctioneer (again, which auctioneer will do best will depend on the material). A more generalist collection is probably more suited to selling to a dealer (but again, choosing the right dealer is important in order to maximise the value). However these are generalisations and specialist dealers may be more appropriate. Again, a lot depends on the stamp collection itself.

Bear in mind that a collection of, say, early Great Britain which has been built up by a collector in the US may well realise more money if sold in the home market (and vice-versa).

For more advice on disposing of a collection please get in touch or read more about valuing an inherited collection.

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